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Pervious Concrete

Builders Concrete East (BCE) is a certified producer of Pervious Concrete. Pervious concrete can be used for the management of stormwater runoff and aids in the recharge of groundwater. Call us and we can refer you to certified installers. Click on the following link to learn more about Pervious Concrete

Colored Concrete
BCE uses Scofield Color to meet your color needs. Click on the following site to see the available choices at Advance notice is needed when ordering Colored Concrete.

Ready Mixed Concrete with Flyash
Flyash is a recycled material that can be included in your mix design. This can earn LEED credits for your building project. BCE has a proven mixes and test results to help you with your project needs.

Self-Consolidating Concrete
This is a concrete mix that can be placed purely by means of its own weight, with little or no vibration while still maintaining concrete’s mechanical and durability characteristics.

Ready Mixed Concrete with White Cement
The use of White Cement has been used to help manage the “Heat Island Effect” by increasing the amount of energy reflected from concrete surfaces.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete
In some cases, fiber can be used in place of wire mesh. This can provide the strength needed while helping to lower your bottom line.

Flowable Fill
This may be a cost effective alternative to other types of fill. It can reduce your backfilling job cost as it is self leveling and requires minimal labor.

Ready Mixed Concrete with Moisture Barrier
This eliminates moisture vapor emission through concrete slabs.

Lightweight Concrete
Lightweight Aggregate Concrete saves weight, saves steel, is "pumpable" and reduces micro-cracking. It also helps with fireproofing. It is often used in buildings & bridges.

Ready Mixed Concrete with NewCem
The use of NewCem in concrete production consumes less energy and offers improved efficiency and building performance. NewCem can be used to achieve LEED credits.

The “Green” Values of Concrete
v Visit to see “Some of the Many Environmental Benefits of Concrete”.

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