Builders Concrete East, LLC.,
Products & Services
Builders Concrete East has the ability to work with you on your project specifications & deadlines. Our fleet of trucks and plants have been inspected and we are ready to serve your needs. You can also call our aggregate division Windham Materials at 860-456-3277 for any sand, stone or gravel needs you may have on your project.

Standard Mix Designs
CT D.O.T. Mixes
2000 psi
2500 psi
3000 psi
3500 psi
4000 psi
4500 psi
5000 psi
Class A
Class C
Class F
Class S
Class F Hi-early
DOT Pavement Design
Concrete Admixtures
Special Concrete Mixes
Accelerator 1%
Accelerator 2%
Non-chloride accelerator 1%
Non-chloride accelerator 2%
Mid Range Superplasticizer
*****Corrosion Inhibitor
*****Water proofing
Grout (fine & coarse)
Flowable Fill
*****White Cement
*****New Cem

Concrete Blocks
2x2x6 interlocking
2x3x6 interlocking
Heated Concrete November 1 – April 15
Windows & bolts are also available
*****Requires advance notice

Office: 860-456-4111

Dispatch: 1-800-CONCRETE